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    Memphis International Airport releases updated Strategic Overview
    Friday, April 7, 2017

    MEMPHIS, TENN. (April 7, 2017) – The Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority (MSCAA) has updated its Strategic Overview -- a focused, comprehensive plan for the future of Memphis International Airport (MEM) that will act as a road map for the next five years, ensuring improvement across all facets of the Airport’s operations.

    dfThe plan provides overviews of nine different areas: Physical/Terminal, Environment, Properties/Cargo, Airfield, Communications and Reputation, Air Service, Business Model/Finance, Human Capital Management, and General Aviation. These overviews include one-, three- and five-year goals for these areas.

    “While not all-inclusive, this Strategic Overview identifies broad goals spanning the major areas of our extensive and far-reaching business,” said Scott A. Brockman, MSCAA president and CEO. “As a ‘living’ document, the plan is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary to recognize tactical achievements, new opportunities, challenges and goals.”

    The last release of the Strategic Overview was in December of 2015. Highlights of the updated plan include:

    Completion of several specific action items to upgrade and modernize MEM, including:
        - Implementation of multi-user flight information displays with flight tracking
        - Initiation of frequent parker program (MEMPerks)
        - Replacement of passenger terminal apron around the B Concourse
        - Launch of a new website 
        - Creation of an interactive flight guide
        - Compliance with requirements of a Storm Water Permit issued in February 2014
        - Approval of MEM’s Part 150 Noise Study

    • Air Service goals to obtain more non-stop west coast destinations by the end of 2018 and build a database of corporate travelers to facilitate a better understanding of travel needs of frequent flyers.

    • More details on the concourse modernization plan efforts and goals, including the airline use-phasing plan, which will relocate airlines to either Concourses A or C while construction takes place on Concourse B (all airlines will relocate to Concourse B after construction is complete).

    • Prioritization of goals to improve efficiency for air travelers, including the construction of two concrete de-icing pads on the south end of the airfield to reduce air traffic delays in winter weather. Capable of de-icing up to six large aircraft each, the pads will be located between the center and west runways and are anticipated to be completed in 2020. 

    The Strategic Overview can be found online here

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