Lucky Penny

Renew. Reshape. Reinvent.

A Better MEM is Coming. We are renewing our commitment to affordable air service. Fares have dropped more than $189 since 2012 and we continue to seek out new, affordable options.

We are renewing our relentless pursuit of frequent and affordable air service to the destinations you want.

We are reshaping your airport, highlighted by the concourse B modernization project. A passenger-friendly airport, delivering on everything you asked for:

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We are reinventing our role in the city, taking community outreach to new heights. Rather than being one airline’s hub, we are now the city of Memphis’s hub and MEM will be a reflection of this great city.

Memphis is all about a comeback.

With that, who better to help get us there than a man who knows a thing or two about reinvention. Just ask the University of Memphis Tigers. He is a hometown star that generates excitement like no other in this city. Penny Hardaway is the face of reinvention, reshaping the Tigers, taking them to new heights, to new wins - so who better to help us on our way?

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