Spokesperson "Auditions"

Dave Brown, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Mayor Strickland - Our casting call brought out the biggest names in the city…

But who can fill the role of MEM's new spokesperson?

See more videos below.

Like the video says, it's your voice that drives us to create a better airport experience, it's your voice that drives us to fight for more flights and better destinations for you, Memphis. 

Why Fly MEM? The list of reasons is growing and 2018 is really shaping up to be an exciting year!

From our plan to modernize the B Concourse, creating a truly world-class airport, to providing more flights and more destinations, to lowering fares, we are excited about the future of MEM. 

Some fly us because we’re hassle-free, some like our easy-to-use Plan A Flight tool with every Memphis flight right at their fingertips, some like our $6/day parking, some like our many nonstop beach locations - whatever the reason, we’re happy you fly MEM. 


We're Your Airport, Memphis. Take Off With US!



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